Dr Duncan Carmichael

Younger for Longer

From the moment we are born, aging is an inevitable part of life. And yet most people fear aging and its effects on the body and mind.


But what if we could make changes now that would slow the negative effects of aging, keeping us active and happy? What if we could approach old age knowing we had given ourselves the best chance to be free from illness? And what if we could stay mentally and physically healthy until the end?

The good news is that we can.

In Younger for Longer, noted healthy aging specialist Dr Duncan Carmichael has compiled two decades of knowledge in an accessible yet authoritative book that explains:

  • Why our lifestyle choices are such a key part of healthy aging for men and women;
  • How it is that some foods we thought were healthy are anything but;
  • What effects stress has on our body;
  • How our hormones – which are at the centre of the aging process – fluctuate through our lives, and how we can manage those changes to our advantage;
  • And much more besides, including how to combat aging in our organs such as the liver, the skin and the brain.

Your body is far more than the sum of its component parts. Younger for Longer outlines these, shows how they interact and explains what actions to take – and why doing so will help you achieve your best possible life.


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