The Healthy Aging Clinic


The Healthy Aging Clinic is an integrative medical clinic that combines health, wellness and skin aesthetic treatments to optimise your health.


We offer hormone testing, toxin testing and aesthetic skin assessments through the following treatments

Wrinkle reducing injections, fillers, threads & skin peels to rebuild the skin.
Rebalance hormonal deficiencies with bio-identical hormone replacement in men and women.
Detoxification drips to reduce the toxic load on the body.



Anti-wrinkle injections have proven to be the most popular aesthetic treatment for the last 30 years. Botox is non-toxic, safe and an effective treatment of wrinkles. Botox injections work by relaxing the muscle that is causing the wrinkle and so smooth the overlying skin. They are most effective where the skin creases due to strong muscle action: the frown, the forehead and the laughter lines around the eyes. The Botox takes a week to be effective and relaxes the muscles for 3 months. However, after a few sessions the injections can be effective for as much as 9 months. We also use Botox most effectively for underarm sweating, jaw grinding (bruxism) and to prevent migraines.

Medical consultation

We offer health assessments to men and women with an emphasis on hormonal health:


Modern fillers are made from hyaluronic acid (HA) which is a natural gel found in our skin. HA holds tissue together and hydrates and protects the skin (acting as an anti-oxidant). Fillers were initially designed to act like Polyfilla, filling up cracks and creases. However, HA fillers not only plump cheeks and lips and straighten the nose, but they also now stimulate the skin to strengthen itself: once in the skin, HA fillers stimulate the cells to make collagen which rebuilds the scaffolding in the area.

Very sadly, badly injected fillers have given the industry a bad reputation. However, if injected professionally then fillers can beautifully enhance the symmetry of the face.

Unlike old fillers made from collagen and other foreign products, HA fillers tend not to cause allergic reactions in the skin. However, in the unlikely event that your skin does react against a modern filler, we have a dissolvent that instantly removes it from your skin. Hyaluronic acid fillers are a safe and essential part of our armament to optimize your face.

Detox drips

Modern life exposes us to a far greater raft of toxins than our livers are comfortably able to process. Apart from obvious toxins like alcohol and sugar, we are exposed to atmospheric pollution, mercury from fish and fillings and hormone disruptors in the form of plastics and pesticides.

Detoxification drips supply glutathione, B vitamins and various other liver supplements that have been shown to assist the various liver pathways to remove these toxins. Toxins like mercury are measurable in the body and blood levels decrease steadily with repeated drips.

We feel that most people will benefit from assisting their livers with detox drips.


Threads have been used since the 1990s to lift the face where Botox and fillers can’t. They are effective at lifting eyebrows, cheeks and particularly the jowls.

At our clinic we use:

Threads have been an exciting addition to our quiver of treatments and over the last 10 years their prices have decreased making them much more affordable for the general public.


Per unit £7
Frown £200
Complete forehead £290
Crows feet £200
Bruxism – grinding teeth from £300
Underarm sweating from £300

Cheeks from £400
Half vial from £200
Lips from £380
Under-eye tear-trough from £270

Aptos threads per £150
Short PDO threads from £50 each
Medium PDO threads from £60 each
Long PDO threads from £90 each
Silhouette threads from £850

Detox drips
Per drip from £180

Medical consultation
15 minutes from £90
30 minutes from £140
1 hour from £200

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