How to Live to 100

What do those who live longer, particularly to 100, have in common?

That’s a great question, and the answer depends in part on who you ask. Different researchers have identified what they believe helps people in different parts of the world reach that magic number, but they don’t always agree. What centenarians do (mostly) have in common are three approaches to life:

  • They live in community settings and have strong family ties. A sense of belonging, of being valued, of giving and being loved is vital for health and longevity. As Seal sang, loneliness is the killer.
  • They live a low-stress existence. On one Greek island, for instance, residents don’t wear watches because time and deadlines aren’t important.
  • They are not obese. Note that being scrawny is not the answer either – maintaining muscle mass is one of the most important goals for ongoing health. Full article here.
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