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From the moment we are born, aging is an inevitable part of life. And yet most people fear aging and its effects on the body and mind. But what if we could make changes now that would slow the negative effects of aging, keeping us active and happy? What if we could approach old age knowing we had given ourselves the best chance to be free from illness? And what if we could stay mentally and physically healthy until the end?
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Book your appointment in one of Dr. Carmichael's prescheduled trips to the UK with key clinics in Dorset and Hampshire. Services offered include wrinkle reducing injections, fillers, threads, skin peels, detoxification drips and hormonal rebalances for deficiencies in men and woman.


The Healthy Aging Clinic, head up by Dr. Duncan Carmichael, is an integrative medical clinic that combines health, wellness and skin aesthetic treatments to optimise your health. Duncan left the world of illness long ago to focus his efforts on his passion for wellness.

Responding to a disease is much less potent than empowering someone to understand their health and prevent the diseases from occurring.

We offer hormone testing, toxin testing and aesthetic skin assessments through the following treatments

Wrinkle reducing injections, fillers, threads & skin peels to rebuild the skin.
Rebalance hormonal deficiencies with bio-identical hormone replacement in men and women.
Detoxification drips to reduce the toxic load on the body.

Book your appointment in one of Dr.Carmichael's prescheduled trips to the UK. The key clinics are in Dorset and Hampshire in which Dr.Carmichael offers these aesthetic treatments.

Home Clinic

The Healthy Aging Clinic

118 Parkstone Avenue, Poole, Dorset
BH14 9LS
Contact: 07717 570360

Weymouth Clinics

Chic Salon
205 Preston Road, Weymouth DT3 6BG www.chicsalon.co.uk Contact: 01305 834800
Zen Skin and Beauty

53-55 Dorchester Road, Weymouth
Contact: 07811 324390

Wimborne Clinic

The Beauty Centre

19-20 Millstream Close, Wimborne Minster
BH21 1DW
Contact: 01202 840890

Winchester Clinic

The Heather Mitchell Beauty Clinic

3B Stockbridge Road, Winchester
SO22 6RN
Contact: 01962 864366


August 2019: 5th to 9th
October 2019: 30th Sept to 4th Oct

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